Our Story

Johnny Giaco and Jimmy Roggio are proof positive that good things come full circle.

The co-owners of Burger City in East Meadow (with more locations to come) share a history that dates all the way back to 1982 when they opened The Greenery restaurant in Ridgewood, Queens. After enjoying a phenomenal six-year run there serving American continental cuisine, the two New York-born entrepreneurs sold the business and each struck out on his own.

Johnny opened the Swimclub, a nightclub in Forest Hills in 1988, followed by Johnny Rock-It, a restaurant nightclub that packed in crowds in the Flatiron District. Johnny went on to flex his muscles by opening two World Gyms, one on Lafayette Street and another at Columbus Circle, before flying south to try his luck in Palm Beach, Florida. He hit the jackpot with two restaurants, Baxter’s and The Palms, that brought a distinct New York flavor to this popular Sunshine State getaway. Both spots became local favorites overnight.

Adopting a more corporate approach, Jimmy began a terrific 27-year-run as the perennial top salesperson at Transcontinental Printing in Montreal. Simultaneously he staked a claim in a Poconos real estate venture and at NYC’s  Maxim Color Technologies, a premedia studio he co-owns with two long-term buddies (Johnny ain’t the only one!). Talk about rubbing shoulders with the big guys: Maxim’s customers include Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and Gillette. The company is still going strong fifteen years after its founding in 2000–the last time our Amazin’ Mets went to the World Series. Top NYC ad agencies and cosmetics giants like Avon and Elizabeth Arden are also part of the customer roster.

But old relationships die hard. So now celebrity restaurateurs Johnny and Jimmy are back together with Burger City, serving up the freshest and most flavorful burgers and fries you’ve ever tasted. Move over Mickey D’s and Burger King. There’s a new burger in town that has fans singing Johnny and Jimmy’s praises. The only question New Yorkers have is, “Guys, what took you so long?”